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Psynopsis Converse All Star Lo Top White

Psynopsis Sarah on Roof 1

Psynopsis Sarah on Roof 2
I guess 10 years of UK weather made me forget about real summer… The one that makes you throw all your clothes in a corner (because living in a bikini is just fine), when the idea of cleaning the old pool starts making sense and sitting at computers feels just weird. Drinking Valderamas all night long and discussing shoes on the other hand… totally logical. It must have been somewhere then that Sarah had convinced me that white, lo-rise Chucks are the one and only ones - and I made her climb the roof to proof the point. ♥

dress & corset: vintage, shoes: converses c/o surfdome


Dancing Branflake said...

She is just so gorgeous. So gorgeous.

I want to live in a bikini. Heck, with this heat I just want to live naked.

Vix said...

She's as stunning as her Mum! Very jealous of your summer! x

Mat said...

think you might just be right, easy choice