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Psynopsis Vintage White Leather Trenchcoat
When I complained to Sarah that "There are no good 2nd hand stores in Berlin – everything is overprized and of shoddy quality!" she just smiled and led me down a dark path (okay, ugly road) in the borough of Steglitz where no hipster has ever set foot – and there I found it: The white leather trench coat. Totally unworn, totally unloved (the person it came from must have had the same reaction to it as Sarah: 'It's so disgusting, I can't even touch it!'), and maybe it's my weakness for forlorn looking beings and objects (but probably rather the fact that driving the Vespa has led to a constant look-out for wind-proof and zip-uppable jackets) that I felt love at first sight. The friendly shop owner gave us recommendations for leather soap brands (which will be so necessary) - now the real question is: Do I need white boots to go with it… ♥



Happy that she led you to good places. I've actually found some great pieces shopping at secondhand shops in Berlin. That's a gorgeous trench coat. /Madison

Vix said...

Yay! What a cool find! I'd go all out 1980s with electric blue boots. x

Mat said...

well there you go, off the beaten track. leather soap sounds interesting, let me know if you can rec me any

Jane Droll said...


get some white boots too if you can find them!!!!

which reminds me...i bought a white leather jacket on ebay a few years ago. i have yet to wear it. i need to find it, although it isn't NEARLY as cool as this one!!!!

Veshoevius said...

Oh WOW! What a find!