Life | Happiness

Psynopsis My Garden
I always wanted to be a Carrie Bradshaw. A real city girl. But at some point in my life I realised I am not. No matter how fascinated I am by urban living (and man, am I fascinated by it) no amount of cafés, bars and shops can give me the happiness that some outdoor space and growing my own vegetables does. Yes, maybe one day I'll start writing about carrots… ♥


♥ | L'Orange

Psynopsis Orange Accessoires Bikini Shampoo Scholl Sandals
Maybe it's the heat, but orange has become quite a dominant colour in my life. There's…

The Bikini. It might be all about the big cover-up 50s style this season, but to me summer will always be the time when I wear as little as possible… So this triangular thingy (which I won through the wonderful Veshoevius of The Taxonomy of my Wardrobe) is just perfect.

The Hair. I first discovered keratin hair products in Italy and got so excited I stocked up like a mad woman… Only to discover you could get them in the UK, too. And in Germany they were even cheaper than anywhere else. Does my hair feel like silk now with an attractive, healthy sheen? Totally!  

The Shoes. Nope. No Birkenstocks for me. There are limits… i.e. my legs. They just look better on people with Kate Moss' legs. Plus, I've been wearing Scholls forever. And this summer they're orange. Comfy feet = happy me.

What's your orange today? ♥


Life | Make Yourself a Pool #2

Psynopsis Pool Life
Ok, the sensible thing would have been to fill up the hole and plant roses on it… (and that was exactly what more rational-minded people advised us to do when we told them there was an old, neglected swimming-pool in our garden). But we had these dreams of splashing about with friends and family… and pool parties. I mean, pool parties. To me life doesn't get better than an effing pool party.
We probably also would have waited another year or 2 for building up some inner strength to tackle the muddy waters. But then it got hot… and hotter… and hotter. And we thought: "This is just silly, we need these waters!" The cleaning was stupid, hard work. The filling up took 48 hours… and then the water wasn't turquoise, but green (something to do with the pH*). But what the heck. It was 37ºC (100ºF) this weekend and we felt the happiest people in the world because we had an effing pool (party)… ♥

*That's the thing. In your dreams you enjoy drinks at your pool, feet leisurely dangling in the water... In reality you become an involuntary expert on algicides, pH levels, chlorine vs oxygen, etc. Ya-ha.


Life | Make Yourself a Pool #1

Psynopsis Make Yourself a Pool
We did it. We cleaned the old pool. It took forever (because we first had to dig a pond to save all the frogs, bugs and other water wild life… yes, that's the kind of soft-hearted idiots we are). And now, 1278 hours later the water is flowing in. Cannot wait to take a dive... ♥

shorts: hot tuna, t-shirt: alice's pig


Summer in the City Vintage

Psynopsis Berlin Summer at the Lake Vintage
An old favourite, taken shortly after the wall came down and we started discovering the lakes and countryside around Berlin… yep, 'twas when women still dressed up for boat rides... ♥