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Psynopsis My Garden
I always wanted to be a Carrie Bradshaw. A real city girl. But at some point in my life I realised I am not. No matter how fascinated I am by urban living (and man, am I fascinated by it) no amount of caf├ęs, bars and shops can give me the happiness that some outdoor space and growing my own vegetables does. Yes, maybe one day I'll start writing about carrots… ♥


Dancing Branflake said...

My heart is right between both places. I love urban architecture, huge bridges, cafes, and high and mighty restaurants. But nothing quiets my soul and makes me feel fulfilled than vast open spaces, the feel of dirt on my hands, large lakes, and solitude.

If I could get a cafe, book store, and flower shop in a country town, then I'd be set.

Vix said...

I've never seen Sex And The City so I can't comment about Carrie but as long as I have a good garden and within walking distance of a bustling town I'm happy! x

Veshoevius said...

I hear you, I hear you! Thank god I managed to find a London flat with a big garden!