Life | Make Yourself a Pool #1

Psynopsis Make Yourself a Pool
We did it. We cleaned the old pool. It took forever (because we first had to dig a pond to save all the frogs, bugs and other water wild life… yes, that's the kind of soft-hearted idiots we are). And now, 1278 hours later the water is flowing in. Cannot wait to take a dive... ♥

shorts: hot tuna, t-shirt: alice's pig


Blindcopy said...

Major envy! :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

You know you're always welcome, Kazuko! :)

Matthew Pike said...

How good is that. You did the right thing with the bug pond, i'd want to the thee same thing 100%.

Jane Droll said...

you are a soft-hearted person! and there is nothing wrong with that! i am sure the bugs and critters appreciate your efforts!

and bet you are loving the nice clean pool!