Video | Dries. Dazed.

Yesterday I thought I couldn't care less about fashion, then I saw this… Oh, the thrill! ♥

Ice-Cream of the Week | White Chocolate Ice-Cream

Psynopsis White Chocolate Ice-Cream with Fruit Syrup
This one is still in its experimentation phase – because while all 'test eaters' said they liked it I feel it could do with some tweaking.* Perhaps it just needs really top quality white chocolate... But if you want to give it a go, the recipe does not disappoint in giving you a creamy, cold, white chocolate kick. You’ll need...


Ice-Cream of the Week | Salted Caramel Ice-Cream & Almond Toffee

Psynopsis Salted Caramel Ice-Cream and Almond Toffee
Burnt sugar + salt… This is one of my absolute favourites, and these days no self-respecting ice-cream parlour can not offer their own version of salted caramel. The recipe here is based on the wonderful and inspiring San Franciscan Bi-Rite Creamery. The ice-cream is absolutely delicious on its own, but personally I like to add pieces of Almond Toffee because...
a) I love chunky bits in my ice-cream, b) I'm a total glutton, and c) It makes it even more delightful.

So let's get going. For the ice-cream you'll need:


Ice-Cream of the Week | Green Tea Ice-Cream

Psynopsis Green Tea Ice-Cream
Ok, so we covered the basics: Vanilla and Chocolate - It's time to get experimental. Like tea flavoured ice-cream… One of my favourites is Earl Gray but every time I make it it nearly leads to divorce – Green Tea on the other hand we both love. Plus, it's health ice-cream actually, isn't it?! Sarah doesn't agree though… 'Too strong, too weird, too little sugar'*. You tell me…


Berlin | Beauty & The Ignorant

Psynopsis Between Time Showroom Berlin 1

Psynopsis Between Time Showroom Berlin 2

Psynopsis Between Time Showroom Berlin 3

Psynopsis Between Time Showroom Berlin 4
When you marry breathtaking architecture with beautiful furniture and interesting art the outcome is: A very special space – which is what Gisbert Pöppler und Erik Hofstetter have created with their showroom 'Between Time'. A place where you can just wander about and marvel at the beauty of the compositions or – if you feel so inclined and your wallet allows it – you can acquire the pieces.

After weeks of spending the days trying on my bikini collection I loved it there. So sophisticated! And my usual method of stumbling around, from time to time throwing myself onto the floor to get the best shot of a chair led to a chat with an extremely nice guy – ending with me asking: "And who are you?" "I'm Gisbert…" Oh well, shoot me now. Time to go back to the vegetables. ♥


Art | Cracks & Holes

Psynopsis Ceramic Antonio Wittig A beautiful piece by Imre Schrammel from the 1970s. ♥

Video | Lady in Black

Ready for a dance off? The coolest horse + one of my favourite songs = This video makes me happy every time I watch it. It's about nail varnish? Oh well. ♥


Ice-Cream of the Week | Super-Chocolaty Chocolate Ice-Cream

Psynopsis Self-Made Chocolate Ice-Cream
Time for the 2nd installment of the Ice-Cream SeriesAnd, bien sûr, after Vanilla it has to be Chocolate. I never was a big a fan of chocolate ice-cream - but then I started making my own, and this one is totally addictive. Even more so with the addition of chocolate chips (I think)...

Video | The Abramovic Method

The weird and wonderful Lady G.


Summer in the City XI

Psynopsis Summer in Berlin Fraenkelufer
"Don't you know there ain't no Devil - That's just God when he's drunk." ♥


Beauty | Huile d’Argane

Psynopsis Argan Oil
Just working on a highly confessional post which involves talking about my beauty products… making me realise that I managed to simplify my beauty regime to pretty much one item: organic argan oil. I’ve even come to like the weird smell. ♥


Style | Swim Beauty

Psynopsis Strapless Bikini Top
When you have as beautiful shoulders as Marie I think strapless is a perfect option… ♥


Ice-Cream of the Week | Perfect, Traditional Vanilla Ice-Cream

Psynopsis Vanilla Ice-Cream and Cookies
I totally and utterly blame Tiffany for this new project – but I'm actually really glad she nudged my into it… because – without ever planning to – I've become somewhat of an ice-cream expert, thinking, living and eating! ice-cream 24/7…